Monday, April 30, 2012

Marine Biker Army

So, I've been playing around with my Bikes the last few months and I decided to take them to a tournament earlier this month. They did ok, but that's not what I'm impressed with. I had decided to take a fully painted army to the tourney. When I was slacking on painting them up (I had plenty of time) I realized I wasn't going to make it. So I almost switched em out to play an army I had already painted (mostly).

Anyway, my wife convinced me to finish them. She even spent a LOT of hours helping me paint them up. Now... I didn't get them finished before the tourney, but I made a TON of progress in a short time. I'll get some pics posted up here soon.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Headed to School

Crazy so far. I doubt anyone is reading this, but I'm posting it anyway. :)

I got married on the 27th of August. Same day as the hurricane here on the east coast. We had 19 extra people staying here at one point, only for a few days. But we had at least two visitors at any given time for almost a month. Not a lot of time to work on anything. Ont top of that, I'm moving.

I was selected for Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) a few months back. My school date is finally here. So I'll be gone for a month with no toys, then I'll move. No idea if I'll have time to work on anything or even play. We'll see.

On another note, I did pick up some Privateer Press models. Hopefully, I'll be posting some progress on those too.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

So, I built this guy several years ago (2004?) with the help of Ron Saikowski (From the Warp). I had already added the wings and made the staff. But I really needed help on the robes. So, I met with Ron once a week for a little over a month to work on this guy. I explained to Ron what I wanted the guy to look like. Ron thought about it for a second and had a whole plan in his head. He sat down with me and explained each step in detail before we even started. He asked a few questions about how I wanted certain things to turn out.

My main concern though, was that I wanted Ron to let me do the work. So, under close supervision, he told me how to shape the card stock and the green stuff. We did it all in stages. I really wish I would have taken some WIP pics, but this was early in the hobby for me. I did learn a ton from this though. I even went on to sculpt a Greater Daemon of my own. I'll post more on that one later though.

The sad part is... I'm JUST now painting this guy. My ideas and painting style have (thankfully) changed a lot since 2004. So in a way, it's a good thing. I'm posting this up here because I want to get some advice on how to paint the mutated bird/familiar on the base. I'm thinking either a green or a purple/red blend. I used to really enjoy wet blending (never terribly great at it though), but I haven't done it in so long.

Anyway, here are some WIP shot of my Daemon Prince. Enjoy!